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Welcome to the home of Chesterton Aviation. The Chesterton Aviation Company was founded in 1915 by James Phillip Chesterton. Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the highest quality aircraft for their dollar. We realize how important your businesses and families are to you. A well designed and solidly built plane is vital to their safety. It is for this reason that Chesterton puts so much care and quality craftsmanship into every plane that rolls off our assembly line.

Each plane is then thoroughly tested by the Chesterton Skyhawks, our own personal team of test pilots. The three squadrons of the Skyhawks also provide defense of this facility in the case of pirate raids. they have performed exceptionally well in the past months. As you well know, the number of raids on this facility has increased dramatically since production on our new series of fighters, the Blackhawk, Silverhawk, and Thunderhawk has commenced. As you well know, sales of these aircraft are limited to the Empire States, its allies, and those groups sanctioned by the Empire States, most notably of which is the Blan Swan.

If you'll follow me, I'll show you our A line, where you can actually see how our planes are built...

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