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Scourge of the Skies

Chrystal Rose
Chrystal Rose once flew for the Third Skyhawks with her sister, Celeste Rose. However, the two sisters abandoned their contract and joined the McGrue Brothers, a pirate band based in Dixie. The McGrue Brothers raid the Chesterton Aviation airfield and shipping mercilessly. It was during one such raid that Chrystal Rose shot and killed James Chesterton II while he was searching for a place to land his stricken fighter. James Phillip Chesterton Sr., owner of Chesterton Aviation placed a $5000 bounty on the head of Chrystal Rose for this incident.
THIS JUST IN! Chrystal Rose's base of operations was discovered recently, and a squadron of Skyhawks was dispatched to deal with the traitor and her band of pirates, the McGrue Brothers! During the fighting, "One Eyed" Willy Weller tore through her wing with a salvo of 60 caliber rounds. She did not eject. Congratulations to "One Eyed" Willy! Don't spend that money all at once!

Billy Bob McGrue
Billy Bob McGrue is the leader of the pirate band "The McGrue Brothers." This band of pirates has repeatedly raided Chesterton Aviation property, and is responsible for thousands of dollars in lost revenue. As far as we can tell, all the pirates are in fact related to each other, which leads credence to rumors of inbreeding within their ranks. This is, however, unconfirmed.
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