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Pilot Roster

First Skyhawks

The First Skyhawks are the premier Squadron of the Chesterton Skyhawks air defense force. James "Jimmy" Phillip Chesterton III, second son of founder James Chesterton currently leads this squadron. He inherited the job after his older brother, James Phillip Chesterton II died in a pirate attack. As the premier unit of the Skyhawks, First Squadron always gets the best equipment and maintenance.

Lead 1: James "Jimmy" Phillip Chesterton III
Wing 1: Charlotte "Richy" Richfield

Lead 2: Peter "The Fox" Miller
Wing 2: Nick "Silver Swan" White

Lead 3: "Bomber" Joseph Sedgewick
Wing 3: Van "Guard" Knight

Second Skyhawks

The Second Skyhawks are the other regular Chesterton unit. Considered second rate, this is more a point of their "common" upbringing than anything else. This image is not helped by the scruffy leader of the Second, "One Eyed" Willy. Though he does have only one eye, he claims he got his nickname for other reasons.

Lead 1: "One Eyed" Willy Weller
Wing 1:Xavier Jacobson

Lead 2: Harvey "Black Cat" Quinn
Wing 2: Robert "Bobcat" Hawthorne

Lead 3: Yamamato "Mune" Igasaki
Wing 3: Shoken "Akira" Fujimoto

Third Skyhawks

The Third Skyhawks are composed of mercenaries with temporary contracts. If deemed worthy, they can join the regular Skyhawks with a permanent contract.

Lead 1: Jordan "Joy Boy" Wallace
Wing 1: Samuel "Slammer" Larson

Lead 2: Heather "Vixen" Carstairs
Wing 2: Justin "Taco" Rensink

Lead 3: Nancy "Butterfly" Jones
Wing 3: Elizabeth "the Bitch" Keller

The Hall of Fallen Heroes

The Scourge of the Skies

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