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The Perfect 10

Name: "One Eyed" Willy Weller
Age: 43
Born: November 13, 1894 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania



Lived at home with family.
Father - Samuel Weller - Deceased
Mother - Julia Weller - Seamstress, Age: 66
Older Brother - Johnathan Weller - Banker, Age: 45
Younger Sister - Robin Gleeson - Homemaker, Age 40
Younger Brother - Joseph Weller - Deceased
Enlisted in the Army
Was accepted into the Army Air Corp
Shipped to Europe to fight World War I
Shipped home
Was Discharged from the Army. Spent the next several years travelling around the US getting random jobs here and there. Stunt flying in California when the Stock Market crashed.
Joined the Nation of Hollywood Militia
Returned home to Pennsylvania because of father's death.
Joined the 3rd Chesterton Skyhawks.
Given a permanent contract, and a slot in the 2nd Skyhawks.
Given command of the 2nd Skyhawks after Jonathan Kessler died.

William Weller was the second son born to Samuel and Julia Weller, a young Irish Catholic couple. Willy's father worked in the steel mills of Pittsburgh, and his mother worked at home as a seamstess. Willy's older brother, Jonathan, was an excellent student, and got a scholarship to Boston University. Willy was an average student, like his younger brother and sister, Joseph and Robin. Without money or scholarsips to pay for college, Willy decided to join the army. His sister married right after high school, and Joe also joined the army.

Like the rest of the country, Willy loved flying, and wanted nothing more than to be a pilot. After applying to the Army Air Corp twice, he was accepted, and began training. World war I had begun and the rumormill was grinding out all kinds of rumors about the United States involvement. It wasn't long before the rumors came true and everyone shipped for Europe. The trial by fire of the Great War cost the lives of many soldiers, Joseph Weller among them. Willy managed to survive though. He was shot down once, and bailed out over German territory. Knowing he'd never make it across the lines, he didnt' try. Instead he made his way north, stole a life vest, and swam out to sea. He'd swim/float west during the day, and come back to shore at night. After finding food and water, he'd sleep a few hours, and be back out to sea before dawn. He continued this for five days before he ran into an allied patrol boat.

After the war, he roatated back to the United States and finished his enlistment. Figuring his flying days were over, he began searching for a "normal" job. but he wasn't satisfied with anything but flying, and so quit and began looking for work as a pilot. He did all kinds of jobs, from cropdusting to stunt shows. His travels took him all over the country, and put him in California when the stock market crashed. Suddenly, he was out of work again.

Willy searched the for a job for the next year as the nation underwent irreversible changes. As piracy became more widespread, and nations responded by forming militias, the job market for pilots boomed. Willy flew for the Nation of Hollywood for the next three years. In 1933 Willy's father died, and Willy returned home for the funeral. Afterwards, he wasn't ready to begin flying again, and so wired Hollywood, asking for an extension. Hollywood refused, and so he quit. After a time, Willy was ready to fly again, and began looking for a job again. He found one with Chesterton Aviation. He has been working for Chesterton for the last Three years, and is by far their best pilot. Just recently, after the former CO was killed in battle, Willy was given command of the Second Skyhawks.