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Hall of Fallen Heroes

Jonathan "the Crow" Kessler
The Crow was the squadron leader for the Second Skyhawks. They were escorting a zepellin bound for Pacifica when ISA privateers attacked, shortly after the battle had begun, planes from the Red Skull Legion appeared, and the battle turned into a three way slugfest. During the battle, one of the ISA fighters scored a series of shots that penetrated the cockpit, killing him instantly. He never had a chance to bail out. The battle ended in a stalemate, and all three forces withdrew to their home fields.
Final Statistics - 5/3/5/3/4/5

James Phillip Chesteton II
James Jr. was the leader of the First Skyhawks, and the overall leader of the force. Considered by many to be an arrogant fool, he fought hard to prove he was capable of the responsibility he had been given. However, he was shot down by the traitorous Chrystal Rose while looking for a spot to land his crippled Devastator. He was defending the Chesterton Aviation airfield from an attack by pirates.
Final Statistics - 5/3/5/5/3/4

Billy "Blade" Bristol
Billy "the Blade" was originally the wingman of the Crow, however, after the disasterous battle in Jonathan Kessler lost his life, Billy was assigned as "One Eyed" Willy Weller's wingman. He held this position for six months, until he was killed in a battle with the McGrue Brothers. Billy Bob McGrue sent a magnesium round into the Blade's fuel tank, causing a massive explosion from which Billy "Blade" never emerged.
Final Statistics - 5/5/6/5/4/5